Lindsay Archer

Photography has been an amazing outlet for me for many years now. I started my studies in college with photography and finally decided to start my business in 2013. My successes come from the doors God has opened for me and is a gift. I am thankful to love my job and have the chance to work with some fun and exciting people. This alone, is a blessing that I get to share my work with people that enjoy art through photography!

A Bit about SlipStream:
Aviation is a large part of my family! So I began to tinker in the this field of planes and aerial photos. Hence, slipstream is the movement of air around an object, such as a plane.

However, my work circumferences family portraits, seniors portraits, kiddos, infants, labor and delivery, NILMDTS, and even weddings.

There is nothing like a good 'ol cake smashing for this one year old! The best part was, he wanted NOTHING to do with icing all over him. He just wanted his mom to hold him and love on him! Absolutely adorable!  However, his sisters were well equipped and had no problems "assisting" him in smashing the cake! What are siblings for, right?!!!

I really had so much fun during this photoshoot! Sure hope you enjoy the photos!

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