Patty Harshberger

I absolutely loved working with Lindsay! Before the wedding she met with us multiple times to work out the engagement pictures on a tight schedule, and also to help us develop a wedding day timeline. When the wedding day rolled around, she made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera and helped us be ourselves during the pictures. And the pictures turned out SO wonderful, we are in love with them! Overall, Lindsay was helpful, experienced, and such a joy to work with!

Emily Harkey

I contacted Lindsay almost immediately after James popped the question. Lindsay was always quick to respond and went above and beyond her duties as a photographer. We tied the knot on Seabrook Island, South Carolina, and Lindsay was more than happy to travel and accommodate our wedding-weekend needs. My bridal portraits were done on the beach a few days before the wedding and turned out absolutely perfect. Lindsay was a dream to work with and made everything so easy. She picked out the locations for the shoot, guided my poses, and was able to show off even the tiniest details of my dress and makeup. Some of my favorite pictures were of the candid shots that captured my excitement so beautifully. I remember the day I saw the photos for the first time and I was head over heels in awe. I still get compliments on my bridal portraits to this day. Lindsay's enthusiasm, passion, attention to detail, and eye for beautiful moments made her the perfect choice for our big day.

Mandy Herbert

Everything was absolutely perfect about our wedding day and I'm so glad we chose to have Lindsay Bruce Archer there to capture every moment! She made me feel so beautiful with every photo she took (and for me to say that about myself, you know I mean it)! I'm getting so anxious to see the rest of them from our day! Thank you for being an amazing photographer and person.

Kristen Colyer

It was a joy doing this whole process. From the original meeting to picking out the venue to the last when we chose the pictures. Lindsay is kind, welcoming and very professional! And the pictures are PHENOMENAL! Perfection!!

Heather Roseman

I will be the first to admit I didn't want professional newborn photos. I was concerned about finances because I was planning on being out for maternity leave for 12 weeks, and I figured we could just use the hospital photos because it would be cheaper. My thinking was that there really couldn't be that big of a difference between the hospital photos and professional photos. My husband strongly disagreed but I continued to insist that the hospital photos would suffice. Well the hospital photographer came and took the photos... and my husband and i both hated them. They didn't capture our daughter's delicate features and they lacked the stylish element we were hoping for. Reluctantly, I agreed to have my husband call Lindsay and I am so thankful that he did. Our entire experience with Lindsay has been phenomenal, from the scheduling to the photo shoot and all through the ordering process. I am so glad my husband talked me into spending the extra money, because let me tell you- my daughter has changed SO MUCH in only a few weeks and I will forever cherish the photos Lindsay took. For anyone hesitant about purchasing newborn photos, all I can say is your baby will only be this little once. Cherish every moment and splurge on photography- Lindsay is worth every penny.

Megan Horst

Working with Lindsay was such a wonderful experience. She is incredibly talented and definitely has the natural gift of capturing the perfect shot. I have three little boys that are hard to wrangle and she managed to capture the essence of their little personalities when she included them in our pictures. I loved all my maternity photos and my newborn photos. Lindsay is SO easy to work with and makes everyone feel so comfortable. I would recommend Lindsay to everyone.

Mandy Nelson

We truly loved working with Lindsay. She is incredible! She has such a sweet, gentle, and laid back personality. Her passion and love for photography is unique and beautiful. She captured our maternity pictures and she did our baby boy newborn session. She is a natural at capturing precious moments. She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. When Jared and I saw the pictures she took of me being pregnant I cried at every picture! During the newborn pictures my son cried almost the whole time and she made it work and got shots I didn't even realize she got of me with him and then him by himself. She is truly amazing at what she does. We are thankful for her unique talents and most of all capturing our special moments with our miracle baby. The pictures she took are some of our greatest treasure yet!

Patina Schumacher

(Baby Leo's Birth)

I truly enjoyed working with Lindsay Archer! Her style is so relaxed and comfortable yet every image is beautiful! We began with a maternity session and I felt like she captured the very essence of my pregnancy. I felt so relaxed and we had a blast during our shoot. Months later when I went into labor, Lindsay was there to document one of the most best events of my life: the moment I saw my son's face for the first time. The photographs she took in the hospital (almost without me even noticing she was taking them) are undoubtedly some of my greatest treasures. The sheer happiness and excitement during this moment is something that could never be recreated or staged. And I am beyond lucky to have had her capture those moments for us to keep forever. Lindsay also has a gift for working with babies and children. The images she took of my infant son and his big sister are some of the most precious photos I've ever seen. Lindsay is a master at showing real natural beauty. Her work is true art.

Meredith Korn

During my maternity shoot, Lindsay put me at ease in front of the camera and made me feel confident and beautiful. In our newborn session, she handled our baby with gentleness and care and guided our young kids with patience and experience. Through the most personal time, labor and delivery, we were extremely impressed by Lindsay’s sensitivity and discretion. When she arrived at the hospital, she was instantly a positive presence, and as labor progressed, I didn’t even notice her in the room! She knew what to do and where to place herself to catch tasteful shots of some of our most precious moments. Lindsay’s irreplaceable artwork celebrates the miracle of life! With both passion and skill, she has honed her natural gifts to specialize in capturing personal and emotional moments. She is excellent at balancing fun, creativity and professionalism in each session. I knew it would be great to have these seasons of our life documented, but I am blown away by how beautiful and meaningful Lindsay’s artwork is to us.

Emily Esworthy

I am thrilled with how beautifully Lindsay captured the progression of such a special time in our lives. She made our sessions stress-free, fun and comfortable. I don't usually feel like a natural in front of the camera (especially when pregnant!), but her tips and ideas for creative and flattering poses were really helpful. I was also very grateful for her patience and flexibility, as it's not easy to photograph a busy 3-year-old and a newborn at the same time, but as a mom herself she is great with kids and she managed to get some gorgeous shots of my girls that I will cherish forever. Lindsay was such a pleasure to work with, and her photos really speak for themselves.

Angela Barnes

"A picture is worth a thousand words", but Lindsay’s pictures have left me truly speechless. Her creativity and timing captured the beauty and essence of three very special times in the journey of our growing family. The fun started with a glamorous pregnancy shoot in the untrodden snow. Lindsay made me feel completely at ease and beautiful; her caring words delivered confidence when I was insecure in my own skin. The big day came, but we did not have a traditional birth. Yet, our experience in the hospital was enriched by Lindsay’s presence during the first hours with our baby and older daughter. She captured moments that I would surely have forgotten without her camera in hand. The 10-day-old shoot was my favorite session and one that I will treasure forever. The gentle touch you gave, coupled with the tender warmth of your serene newborn studio, created a remarkable atmosphere and stunning photographs. Lindsay is amazing at her craft, truly fun to work with and professional. Her presence is like that of a family member, so non-intrusive, yet everywhere. I look forward to Lindsay photographing our family as it grows.

Nikki Larrick

Before my husband, Zach, met Lindsay, he was very unsure of having someone in the delivery room for the birth of our son. He was concerned about the privacy and intimacy of this special time and didn't know if having a photographer there would change that. After our first meeting with Lindsay, Zach was 100% on board and excited to have her present to capture this precious time in our lives. Lindsay immediately put us at ease, and her personality radiates with excitement and love for her job. She was amazing to work with in the delivery, at the hospital and at home for newborn shots. Every time I look at our photos, I am filled with joy, and can't imagine not having the most special day of our lives recorded to relive.

Megan Horst

A huge thanks to a very talented Lindsay Bruce Archer for taking the time to do a family shoot for us ! The pictures are beyond beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. I am so thankful she captured us and will cherish these photos forever.

Jennifer Griffitts

Lindsay, Those came out beautiful. I teared up at the pic of Bubba & I.

Nikki Larrick

Your pictures are amazing Lindsay! You definitely have a special gift with photography and we couldn't be happier that you were there and able to capture this moment for us! Great job!!

Kirsten Grell

Lindsay Bruce Archer, you are so talented!!! Can't wait to see the rest of our photos! You are the bomb! Thanks so much!

Danielle Blair

Thank you for capturing these precious moments that pass too quickly.

Amanda Buntin

We had so much fun with you, Lindsay!! And it was a double blessing to have photos done by you and also be a part of the Chick family benefit at the same time!! I love how Lindsay captured these people that I love soo much!

Jennifer Ferguson

Thank you so for your kind donation Justin Travis and I had fun we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Katie Penheiro

So many great photos I couldn't decide. Tried to compile my favorites. Thanks again Lindsay for the special time together and the great photos to help us capture the memories :-)

Jade Andreson

I love them!! Can't wait to see the rest. Thanks for your time, we love working with you!!

Alexis Bennett

I LOVE it! Thank you so much!

Jason Bennett

Beautiful! Thanks for a great session! Can't wait to see the rest!

Anita Archer

You did a great job, Lindsay Bruce Archer, especially considering the heat and four tired little boys. Thank you so much!

Sara Tores

thanks so much for doing my pictures for me! I'm so pumped to see the rest!! 

Jana Shelton

You do fab work. 

Jennifer Milesky

This was so beautiful! You are so talented. Thank you!!! 

Lora Minton

What a beautiful tribute to mothers and families! Thank you dear Lindsay! Happy Mothers' Day to you! 

Jessica Brock

Lindsay...this is beautiful!! your work is so wonderful!

Amanda Buntin

A job well done as always! Thanks for making me crying you capture things so well, friend!! 

Jennifer Griffitts

Oh my gosh Lindsay, that was absolutely beautiful. Loved it, cried through it too. What a gift you have. 

Chantel Bouzetos

This is awesome Lindsay. You are an amazing photographer. So talented!

Alice Webster

Oh my blessed, I'm crying tears of joy.

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carroll best winner green
  • Alexandria Eddy Casey

    on January 31, 2018

    Sometimes the event we want to celebrate is just being together as a family. Why wait for births or graduations or weddings? Thank you, Lindsay, for using your gifts to help us remember the joys of today and every day. Your warmth and artistry are beyond compare. We'll treasure these photos!