For each session booked you receive a complimentary consultation meeting where we meet and discuss your location, attire, accessories, and answer any questions you may have.

What to Wear

First and foremost, you really want your face and expressions to stand out in your portrait. Everything else is secondary.

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For shirts and tops, avoid colors that are too similar to your skin color. (These might be a brown, beige, tan, or very pale peach, and very pale gray). For many people these shades can drain the color from your face, making you appear washed-out.

I do encourage families to not wear tennis shoes if they have other options of shoes at home.

Finding a color that pops can bring fun contrast to your photo. For example: red shoes, pink nail polish, colorful scarf and jewelry. Think accessories!

Click here to view Pinterest examples.


When planning your outfits think about your complete look from head to toe. We will be taking photos that are close-up, full length, and some in between. So you will want to think about shoes and accessories as well. You can choose your favorite sports outfit, sundress, shorts or jeans outfit. Pick the colors you really like. Chances are, they're colors others say look really good on you, too. Textures are great, as are interesting hats, belts, jackets and scarves. Be sure to include one outfit mom will like-- we can still do plenty of stuff you like! Be sure to iron any of your clothing that is wrinkled prior to you portrait session. If you decide to wear clothing with large words on it  please bring an alternate piece because sometimes text on clothing will not photograph well.

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